James B.

"I was a collegiate runner but stopped training for more than 7 years. When I started running again at age 28, I had no idea what to expect. I certainly had no expectation that I would be able to run as well as I did in college. After just a few short years, I am consistently outperforming my college benchmarks. I owe much of that success to Coach Evan. He motivated me with a variety of workouts to keep me focused and engaged. He focused on injury prevention and making sure I didn’t do too much too soon. Together, we created training plans that fit my busy schedule with a career, a wife and baby, and even attending graduate school. Thank you Evan for pushing me beyond my comfort zone towards achievements I had previously assumed were unattainable."

Jeremy B.

"Evan started coaching me after about 5 years dealing with injury.  He started my training in a conservative manner while incorporating core exercises and weight training to my regular routine.  He is not like some coaches that implement stock training plans that only work for some people but individually tailors workouts for what each runner needs.  He also teaches what he is expecting from each workout and explains why it is important to do each workout a certain way.  His training alone has made be a better runner and has helped me stay injury free for over a year now.  I am very grateful for the support he has provided me into making me a better runner and healthier person."

Stephen B.

"I am in my sixties and am an active and dedicated athlete.  Years ago, I became convinced all the years of squash, running, and tennis were starting to take too big a toll on me.  I decided I had to learn how to swim—that is, really know how to get serious exercise swimming, not just as a life-saving activity or the occasional one lap in the pool.  The gym to which I belong informed me about Evan, whom I had never met.  Perhaps you can appreciate that I approached this with some trepidation but, I decided (if you will forgive the pun) to take the plunge.  After all, it had been decades since anyone had tried to coach me in learning anything new in sports.   

Today, I am a real swimmer.  In fact, I am approaching the very real possibility that I may compete at my age level, and for that, I give Evan unqualified credit.  Here are some of the things I have observed and experienced about his coaching:

  • Evan has a great teaching and coaching personality.  He has that unusual ability to combine encouragement, motivation, confidence in the student's ultimate success, credibility, and technical knowledge that makes great coaches. 

  • Evan has great work habits.  He was and is unfailingly punctual, reliable, and prepared.  At the beginning of each coaching session, it was obvious Evan had come to the pool having carefully thought about what had happened at the last lesson and how he could use the upcoming lesson to teach me more.  I particularly valued the way he always seemed able to find a way to break me out of a learning or training plateau. 

  • Evan knows his craft.  Through our months of work together I have learned a huge amount from him about exercise physiology, and not just in the swimming niche.  He has given me all kinds of instruction in things like weight training, aerobic exercise, and other pursuits to compliment my swimming.  He has told me what to work on in my drills between each weekly lesson, and his ideas were always carefully presented, technically clear, and on the mark.  Evan often drafts monthly training plans for me.  They are clear, precise, customized, and reflect care in bringing my swimming further along the development curve.

  • Evan is a genuinely likable young man who would be a great role model for young athletes.  My one-on-one lessons were often sandwiched between sessions Evan had with other swimmers.  They varied in age and gender.  I saw Evan coach little kids, older kids, and other adults.  I especially remember two things about the younger swimmers.  First, I was struck by how they looked up to Evan.  Second, I was impressed by his ability to treat them simultaneously with firmness and real kindness.

I have gotten to know Evan pretty well in the years he has been my coach.  Evan is a person of impeccable personal integrity.  He is a stand-up, honest, straightforward young man. Moreover, I have watched Evan grow as a leader and administrator in his time at Rosemont.  He cares deeply about his team, and manages it with a precision that would warm Bo Schembechler’s heart. Finally, I know from many discussions with Evan how devoted he is to pursuing success, and what a careful student he is of the methodology of goal achievement. I have been the beneficiary of it, and I imagine all of his athletes have been, too."